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Our Valuations

Our valuation practice specializes in a wide array of domains. We are experts in IRC 409A valuations, and also perform appraisals and discount studies for U.S. estate tax and gifting purposes. Among other valuation areas in which we specialize are standard business valuations for an array of purposes including potential VC fund raising, business restructuring purposes, and strategic negotiations with potential business partners or investors.


Our ASC 805 and 718 specialists help multinational corporations in their business acquisitions, and with respect to these fields, we in particular have mastered the integration of these accounting specific valuations to be integrated with international tax/transfer pricing valuations.

We have testified in courts pertaining to Intellectual Property valuations, as well as overall business valuations in multiple jurisdictions. Our work is fact driven, and relies on thorough analytics which are devised to mirror the actual business transaction/circumstance. Our thought driven analytic work relies on sound economic principles, together with creative modeling based on the facts.

Our team of senior experts together has over 80+ years of experience in these valuation areas, and are U.S. and internationally certified.

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