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What We Do

 We are thought leaders in the area of  transfer pricing and business valuations. Our deep research and thorough economic analytics differentiate us from other transfer pricing and valuation practices, especially in the fields of intangible asset assessments, tax litigation and the entire array of transfer pricing and business areas. Clients of all sizes from large multinationals to small hi-tech firms rely on our expertise, as do leading tax and corporate legal practices, accounting firms, and tax authorities. We are versed in transfer pricing and business valuation litigation cases in jurisdictions throughout the world. 



Our expertise in Transfer Pricing starts from documentation studies including master files and local files, to strategic assessment and planning, to tax audit litigation support and risk assessments, our approaches rely on local and global transfer pricing legislation and court case history, as well as on sound and solid economic research and analytics. We engage in the entire array of transfer pricing fields including: Tangible goods transactions, Intangible goods sales or licenses, Intercompany service transactions, Loans and/or guarantees, Cost sharing, and others. We tailor our solutions to each individual case, with its unique facts and circumstances. Both large accounting firms and legal tax practices often consult with us on their own issues to glean state of the art approaches and thinking. Our documentation work is enhanced based on our extensive tax examination work, such as to enable us to foresee potential exposures and eliminate them up front. Our work in tax litigation and Advance Pricing Agreements provides sound and reasonable solutions for our clients, as well as for tax authorities.


Our Valuation practice is involved in a wide array of valuations for multiple purposes. We are leaders in performing IRC 409A studies, and in gift and estate tax valuations and discount studies. We also perform general business valuations as well as valuations of intangible assets. The complexities of adapting valuation principles to the facts and circumstances of each case are handled in a well thought out manner. Our senior valuation experts are engaged as well in IFRS and GAAP financial reporting reports. Our experts all have valuation certification, and are versed in both the AICPA and IFRS approaches, as well as the specific and unique tax approaches to valuations.

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